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GetRight 6.0a

Downloads: 555886
File size: 4.27MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Shareware
GetRight Download Manager simply improves and optimizes your downloads.

GetRight 6.0a Change Log
- Fix problem when resuming a >2GB file when it was past the 2GB point.
- Added so Podcasts will use the Title as the description for an item.
- Fixed installer so uses the right icon for in-progress downloads.
- The newer graphic when downloading as a tray icon with XP didn't with some custom XP themes (custom ones only?). Did a different way, won't match as exactly (grays with very subtly faded GetRight logo), but is prettier than the older style!
- Fixed so Edit/Delete from right clicking on an server in the report at the bottom of the download window itself works and doesn't crash.
- Refresh the main tray icon if you turn off the animation for it.
- A few little text fixes, found by Italian translator M.Leuzzi
- Didn't handle Content-MD5: header right (so just didn't get the MD5 from it at all--the Windows Vista beta was the first file I'd seen use the header!)
- Fix so updated translations shouldn't get duplicate items on the Languages page.
- Added a new script command for whendone scripts: if filename
- Fix so config pages with sub-tabs (Proxy, Browser) enable the Apply button right.
- Fix so config messages about restarting your browsers will only happen once, even if Apply is clicked several times.
- Fix for the "Prompt in Web Browser..." option on the Types & Options; so the prompt uses the new logo icon.
- Should have done it before...Signed EXEs for the Installer and GetRight.exe
- Fix to handle those few servers that don't like a "Range:0"; (resuming from the beginning.)
- Fix to handle an odd case with Content-Disposition:

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